Chief Redskin Student Athlete Scholarship

2019 Redskin Nation Athletic Booster Club Scholarship 


Every year, Redskin Nation, the Momence Community High School Athletic Booster Club, awards two scholarships to senior student athletes of Momence High School.  The ‘Chief Redskin’ scholarships are worth $250.00 each and are awarded to graduating senior student athletes at the end of the school year. One male and one female student athlete are awarded a scholarship worth $250.  

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2019 Redskin Nation Athletic Booster Club Scholarship


Noah Bramer and Mattie Laney are the recipients of the 2017-2018 Chief Redskin Scholarship.  Each scholarship is worth $250.00.  The selection committee was representatives from several of our business sponsors.  The applicant names were removed making the decision based solely on the scholarship requirements (essay, recommendations, extra-curricular activities, GPA and athletic participation).  Congratulations and thank you for your leadership! 

2016-2017 Scholarship: Clayton Ritter and Megan Laney
2015-2016 Scholarship:  Konnor Simpson and Kacy Miulli/Kasey Holloway
2014-2015 Scholarship:  Aaron Cantwell and Alexis Velazquez
2013-2014 Scholarship:  Micheal Simpson and Shalbereyl Thomas
2012-2013 Scholarship:  Ashley Velazquez and Dakota Lopez